Nitro-28 28-0-0 SRN Fertiliser 10 Litre

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Nitro-28 (28-0-0) SRN Fertiliser  – 10 Litre

With 85% Slow Release Nitrogen

  • Does not leach or volatilize
  • Dual efficiency - foliar / root uptake
  • Lowest salt index of any nitrogen
  • Stimulates soil microbes with carbon
  • No nitrate leaching
  • Consistent release with no surge growth

Nitro-28 Slow Release Nitrogen (28-0-0) Liquid Fertilizer is a safe, reliable, slow-release nitrogen solution ideal for turf and horticultural applications. Nitro-28 SRN (28-0-0) provides a stable, highly concentrated liquid nitrogen source for spray applications.

Nitro-28 is a reacted UF polymer (ureaform); a nitrogen/carbon chain material that is utilized by soil microorganisms. Nitro-28 is a true solution, containing water-soluble methylene urea along with small percentages of free urea.

Nitro-28 provides residual nitrogen release, low volatilization and reduced leaching. It does not contain nitrates. The release of nitrogen from Nitro-28 depends on soil microorganisms, hydrolysis and UV radiation. Since this molecule contains carbon, it provides an energy source for beneficial microorganisms. The nitrogen release works in conjunction with the increase in soil temperature, microbial activity and the plant’s increased need for nitrogen. This form of nitrogen molecule resists leaching and volatilization, making it a cost-effective nitrogen source.

Nitro-28 is not phytotoxic to plant materials. Nitro-28 contains no sus[1]pended particles, NEEDS NO SPECIAL AGITATION, and can be used along with other technical products. It is ideal for fertigation systems and is non-clogging and non-abrasive. Nitro-28 can be safely tank-mixed with many acidic and alkaline materials.

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