Nitro+K 22-0-13.4 SRN Fertiliser 10 Litre

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Growth Products Nitro+K 22-0-13.4 Fertiliser  – 10 Litre

82% slow-release Nitrogen Potassium Carbonate

  • A crystal clear true solution
  • Ideal for fairway applications
  • Balanced ratio of N to K
  • No nitrates / no chlorides
  • Does not leach or volatilize
  • Dual efficiency – foliar / root uptake

Nitro+K combines two important elements, Nitrogen, and Potassium, for quality turf maintenance. This concentrate solution provides the most efficient & reliable sources of Nitrogen and Potassium. Nitro+K contains a reacted UF polymer (methylene urea), which is a carbon/nitrogen chain. It resists leaching & volatilization, and provides a food source for soil microbes. Nitro+K is a safe and immediately available Potassium source.

With the adherence properties of this foliar solution, a turf manager can reduce yearly application rates of N and K by up to 40%, making Nitro+K a cost-effective fertiliser for tees, greens, and fairways. Since potassium can be quickly absorbed by leaf tissue, the turf will respond within a few days of application. The slow release Nitrogen provides consistent Nitrogen release without producing flush growth. This reduces unwanted thatch and possible disease problems. Flush growth has been shown to contribute to an unhealthy root system. The production of excess shoot growth takes away the energy needed by the plant to produce a healthy root system. Nitro+K does not contain any chlorides, nitrates, or sulphates. This is of special importance since these will build up unwanted salts in the soil, interfering with seed germination and causing severe plant injury.

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