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Features of Poachek

• For use on turf areas including golf courses bowling greens, sportsfields and lawns
• Safe on Buffalo, bent grass, Common Couch grass, QLD Blue Couch, NZ brown top rye
• Do not use on kikuyu or fescue
• Poachek is only a post emergent

Get the best out of Poachek by following these tips
• Apply on dry turf
• Allow turf to dry for at least 24 hours before watering or rain.If you want to water day before.
• You want to wet the wintergrass do not soak it with the spray.
• You may need to re apply 2-4 applications every 10 - 14 days when the wintergrass is established and seedhead is present.

Best to apply newely germinated weeds
• Do not mix with anything except Blazon (non staining dye spray indicator).
• If spraying for broadleaf weeds, spray 1-2 days before.

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