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The Cloudburst hose end nozzle is a high volume version of our popular Rainmaker greens syringe nozzle design.

The Cloudburst delivers an increased volume of water (approximately 80 per cent more) in the same broad fan pattern and large soft droplets as the Rainmaker. The open orifice design resists plugging with grass clippings and sand like most conventional shower nozzles. The Cloudburst was designed for quickly watering localized dry areas in fairways or to “drench in” wetting agents with a large volume of water.

The Cyclone has the highest flowrate of all the Precision nozzles (50+gpm).

The purpose of this nozzle is to cool greens on a hot afternoon. The spray pattern is designed to be incredibly broad so that the operator can cool the green very quickly. Use the Cloudburst (blue) in the mornings for spot watering and the Cyclone (red) in the afternoon for cooling and syringing.

The Rainbow has a pattern designed for watering turf established or seedling flowerbeds or vegetables without damaging sensitive young plants.

It delivers a focused spray of millions of individual uniform droplets and is also very effective at low to medium pressure. The nozzle can either be fitted directly to a standard garden hose brass control valve or watering wand. The Rainbow is made of durable brass & stainless steel components and designed to resist plugging with grass clippings sand and other debris that often clog conventional hose end nozzles.

The Rainmaker syringe nozzle is designed specifically for syringing and spot watering putting greens.

The nozzle delivers large gentle droplets that fall like rain in a broad fan pattern. The open orifice design will not plug with grass clippings soil or sand as will most conventional shower nozzles.

The Rainmaker nozzle also works exceptionally well for hand watering of lawns and gardens around homes businesses and recreational areas.

Rainmaker nozzles are available in either 3/4 inch or 1 inch hose end connections and the control valve is optional. Like all Precision™ products the Rainmaker is made of durable brass & stainless steel components.

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