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Reach beyond traditional perennial ryegrass.

Heritage Seeds, in conjunction with Barenbrug’s innovative research and development has produced a new star; a tough perennial ryegrass that spreads. Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass, or RPR, is unequalled in wear and traffic performance in universities and local trials. RPR outperforms other perennial ryegrasses and provides excellent turf quality you expect from Heritage Seed..

Its unique regenerating feature will create a new standard for professional turf managers. RPR is also highly endophyte enhanced, which has shown to improve turf quality and increase resistance against disease and pests.

• Superior wear tolerance
• Deep green color
• High turf quality
• Exceptionally drought tolerant
• Pseudo-stolons allows for regeneration
• Contains a high amount of endophytes that:
• Increase disease resistance
• Increase insect resistance

Remarkable Results:
It is RPR’s regenerating ability that separates it from traditional perennial ryegrass. RPR plants develop pseudo-stolons, which allow them to regenerate in all compass directions. Researchers noticed that RPR thrives under tough conditions, expanding even in high stress areas. The difference gives a 25 percent
edge to RPR. Extensive tests are carried out on all our varieties and RPR is no exception. It has exceeded stringent quality requirements for wear tolerance, drought tolerance and turf quality.

RPR is vastly superior on wear tolerance compared to any other perennial ryegrass. The turf quality also remains high, even under heavy wear.

(Rate = 3-4kg per 100sqm of new lawn)


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