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Spreading granular fertilisers over the lawn has never been easier. Scotts fertiliser spreaders are designed to make the task accurate, clean and simple - no more dipping your hands into bags of fertiliser or risking burning the lawn with hit and miss broadcast applications. The Scotts Easy Handheld is perfect for small to medium-sized lawns


  • Lightweight - easy to hold in one hand while turning the handle with the other
  • Fertiliser hopper holds up to 2kg of Scotts Lawn Builder fertiliser
  • Check the spreader setting on the Scotts Lawn Builder bag and adjust accordingly using the simple slide adjuster


  • Application of all Scotts Lawn Builder Slow Release Lawn Foods


  • Not recommended for use with powdered fertilisers - the spreader may clog and break
  • Not recommended for spreading lawn seed unless it is thoroughly mixed with a granular lawn starter fertiliser


  • Scotts Handy Green Handheld Spreader works by spreading granular Scotts Lawn Builder fertilisers in a wide arc when the handle is turned. A fast and efficient way to feed the lawn
  • If applying Scotts Lawn Builder + Weedkilltake care not to walk too close to garden beds - the broadcast application style may fling this product on to beds where it will adversely affect any plants it may land on


To work out how much fertiliser you should put into the spreader:

  1. Calculate the area of the lawn in square metres by multiplying the length by the width (1 large stride = 1 metre approx)
  2. The area multiplied by the application rate will give the exact amount of Scotts Lawn Builder you need. You will find the recommended application rate on the pack
  3. Use a set of scales to weigh it out and then add it to the spreader ready to apply - do not be tempted to add a 'bit extra for luck' because over-application may result in nitrogen burning
  4. Select the spreader setting listed on the product bag
  5. Holding the spreader level, walk steadily while squeezing the trigger in the handle and turning the handle
  6. To obtain even coverage, spread half the required amount in a north-south direction, then the other half in an east-west direction
As a Guide m2
1/4 Tennis court 65
1/2 Tennis court 130
Full Tennis court 260

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