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What Is Soil Mate Liqui-Phos

The Micronised Liquid Phosphorus

When you need both calcium and phosphorus together, Liqui-Phos is the answer. Created by grinding high quality guano down to microscopic particle size, Liqui-Phos has given exciting results in plant response, boosting both calcium and phosphorus levels in plant tissue and fruitlets to previously unattained levels. A thick, brown, flowable fluid suspension, Liqui-Phos contains excellent natural trace element levels which adds that 'extra something' to an already brilliant plant and microbe food.

Some of the benefits of Liqui-Phos include:

• Microscopic particle size for rapid availability

• Improved availability of Phosphorus in the rootzone

• Increased uptake of Phosphorus into the plant in season

• Plant available micronised Phosphorus source

Calcium aids in the formation and strength of cell walls and is necessary for the development of plants. It is also required for early root growth and strong new top growth.

Micro Fine Mineral Suspensions

Micronised mineral suspensions are now firmly established as a unique nutrient delivery method that opens up a whole new set of options for delivering important minerals to plants for rapid.. assimilation (uptake) through fertigation. They provide high analysis, easy to use liquid suspensions of the key nutrients; Calcium, Phosphate, Magnesium, Sulfur and Zinc with an average particle size of 5 micron (5/1000th of 1 mm).

Ground-applied they provide useful microbe food and rapid plant feeding without the leaching problems of soluble fertilisers. They can even be foliar sprayed in some situations.

Total Major Nutrients:



% 20


% 10

Humic Acid

% 4


Application Rates

For the best results soil testing is required for accurate application rates.

Standard rate - 20-100L/Ha

Foliar – N/A


Dilution rate:

200ml - 500ml into 10L water to cover 50m2

Store in a cool place away from sunlight

Shake well before use

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