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Rapid Nitrogen + Fulvic Acid 23.2% N 0.5% Fulvic Acid

A revolutionary fertiliser, developed with a unique Nitrogen delivery technology that drives growth and increases the mineral density of your crops. It is a liquid urea combined with Fulvic acid and carbohydrates for improved plant and crop uptake 

Many forms of nitrogen don't always all make it to the plant and turf. Many forms of N can be lost to the atmosphere and sub soils and pays very little regard to how much Nitrogen is actually getting into the plant. By changing this thought process and applying the Nitrogen in a dramatically more efficient manner, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of Nitrogen used to achieve the same results. 

The form of Nitrogen found in Rapid N + Fulvic is extremely efficient for the plant to convert to protein, thus saving it valuable energy that the plant can then put towards increased growth. It increases the mineral density of the plant as the Nitrogen process ‘powers’ the sugar development in the plant. 

The addition of Fulvic Acid allows the plant to draw in more nitrogen, giving you better uptake and better results. 

Why Use Rapid N + Fulvic 


Fertilises each individual plant or turf with enough Nitrogen to ensure excellent growth for 4 to 6 weeks. The efficiency of this product means that around 80-90% of Nitrogen applied is delivered to the plant. 



It is efficient due to the combination of carbohydrate and Fulvic Acid that the quantity of product required is much lower than competitor products that boast being resource effective. 


It is possible to mix this with other Herbicides, Insecticides even some plant growth regulators. Allowing spraying to be done just in one hit. Saving heaps of time, money and the headache of doing multiple sprays. 

 Crop Safety 

Rapid N + Fulvic is safe to the plant when used at rates between 20 to 40L/Ha. It will also not cause leaf burn. 

• 23% N with Fulvic for rapid uptake 

• Fulvic prevents immobilisation of nutrients 

• Fulvic improves N uptake to the plant 

• Reduces impact on soil biology 

• Aids in germination at renovation 

Application Rates 

For the best results soil testing is required for accurate application rates. 

Standard rate - 20-40L/Ha 


200L & 1000L Available - Contact Turfmate for pricing

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