Soilmate - Rapid Growth Biological Pack


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Power your turf’s growth with the Soil Mate Biological Pack. Containing 5 species of Bacillus bacteria, organic carbon, organic seaweed, nitrogen, fulvic acid, humic acid, organic fish and a full complement of chelated trace elements, this pack will supercharge your turf’s growth all year round.

5L Revival
5L Amplify
10L Rapid N + Fulvic

In 9L watering can, mix 10ml Soil Mate Revival, 10ml Soil Mate Amplify & 20ml Soil Mate Rapid N + Fulvic and apply to 20m2.

15L knapsack – 15ml Soil Mate Revival, 15ml Soil Mate Amplify & 30ml Soil Mate Rapid N + Fulvic and apply to 30m2.

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Soilmate Revival
Soilmate Amplify
Soilmate Rapid N + Fulvic

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