The Sumi Complete

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Size: The Sumi 25m Complete
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Sumi orders with reels are due into stock early January. Reel orders shipping out may receive a different reel to the one that is pictured above.

The Sumi Complete (On a Reel) 

Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre watering unit that eliminates the need for costly and cumbersome watering systems, providing the essential results needed to keep your grounds thriving!

Simple and fast to roll up and relocate to other areas.

Fittings included are: Connector, Joiner, Filter, Stopper and the Sumi Hose on a Reel.

Maximum Recommended Operating Pressure**:
200kpa (2kg/ cm2), 30 psi
Required Flow Rate per Metre: 1.5 litres per metre of hose per minute.
50m: 75lts per minute
Coverage at Optimum Pressure and Flow Rate: 10 m (5m either side of hose)
Water Application Rate: Equivalent to 9mm/hour of rain at 200kpa @ 1.5 lt/ metre/min flow rate
Dimensions and Weight: 50m Unit - 29 cm diameter / 5kg weight
Coverage Area: Rectangular. Up to 1000m2 (10m wide x 100m long).
Operating Length: Adjustable operating length using sliding stopper Tube Width (Flat): 62mm Tube
Diameter (Inflated): 34mm Number of Holes: 6 holes / 310mm of tube
Material: Special black polyethylene
Filter: 181 micrometer = 100 mesh

For a video on how to assemble your own sumi, click below!

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