Surefire Kult Plant Growth Regulator


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Surefire Kult Plant Growth Regulator is used to reduce vegetative growth in mango, stone fruit and apple trees as per the Directions of Use.

Benefits of Kult Plant Growth Regulator;

  • Contains tree size
  • Reduces pruning costs
  • Boosts carbohydrate formation
  • Increases yields
  • Increases production of Class 1 fruit
  • Reduces incidence of biennial cropping.

Surefire Kult Plant Growth Regulator is a systemic growth regulator that reduces internode lengths of new shoots and causes earlier formation of terminal buds.  Use of Surefire Kult should begin only when trees are nearing their optimum size.  It is most suited to intensively managed orchards where trees are near to filling their allocated space and growth control is a prime requirement.  It is not suitable for old or unhealthy trees.  If a tree is under stress Surefire Kult should not be used.

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