Thatch-Away Micro-Groomer

Turfmate InternationalSKU: TA92131B


Take your greens to the next level with the new Thatch-Away Micro-Groomers! Micro-Grooming is the ultimate in sward refinement.

The blades work in the upper leaf area of the surface to keep it fast and lean, with the finest possible texture. These cassettes build on the success of the existing Thatch-Away Groomer/Poa Busters, but take grooming to a wholly different level.

They are laser engineered with the finesse of a supercar, and have 210 blades per set, at just 6.5mm spacings, with ultra-fine 1mm tungsten tips. A staggering total of 2310 of blade tips will groom your greens with a jaw-dropping 39,400 surgically precise micro-cuts per square metre! If you are looking to invest in the very latest turf improvement technology, book a demonstration of the new ThatchAway Micro-Groomers. You won’t be disappointed!

  • 2310 tungsten blade tips deliver 39,400 surgically precise micro-cuts per square metre
  • Double verticut in a single pass and halve your fuel and labour costs
  • Vacuum technology delivers unrivalled cutting collection
  • Typical 20 year lifespan gives vastly lower cost than groomers on mowing units
  • Fits to your triplex mower in seconds with Thatch-Away, the world’s no.1 greens care system

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