Thatch-Away Topdressing-Brush

Turfmate InternationalSKU: TA92071A


The Topdressing Brush Cassettes follow the contours of your greens to evenly brush-in your topdressing without scraping it off the crowns and dumping it in the hollows like a drag mat does.

They are also ideal for standing up the grass before you mow to achieve an extra clean cut and obtain the fastest ball roll.

  • Triplex mounted topdressing brushes for fast and manoeuvrable brushing-in
  • Stand up grass or remove dew before mowing
  • Closely follows contours
  • Disperses dew and moisture to reduce risk of fungal disease
  • Use before mowing to stand the sward up for a cleaner cut
  • Fits to your triplex mower in seconds with Thatch-Away, the world’s no.1 greens care system

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